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  1. Utena Tenjo
    hi begin off, ill introduce myself, and if you guys want to, feel free.
    im a Californian, currently residing in Texas. ive had a lot of social trouble here, and miss my home. im in love as well with a friend in California still.
  2. Lestat Uchiha
    alright, im Lestat(yeah my real name). im in california. i am a pretty stereotype surfer and skater. i love it here, but i only have one good friend,and were distancing. i started cutting last year, and last year, when i was changing at the beach, he accidentily walked in and saw the cuts. im been guilty since...
  3. Akura13
    Hi hi~! I'm Akura (yup, real name!^^) And, ah, well, I'll only say one problem in my's just that I don't think I have any real 'friends'. Like, before I only trusted one very good friend, then she backstabbed me and stole my boyfriend, so now I can't trust anyone and my so called 'friends' now I don't trust one bit...^^' kinda messed up, neh?
  4. brokenxgirl
    hi my names emily and if any1 cuts then i have some advice
    i cut but if u ever feel tht u want 2
    put a bobble on ur hand and start pulling it and then let go off the bobble tht way it hurts u and u dont feel like doing it anymore and it doesnt scar
  5. Utena Tenjo
    well one way i thought was this,
    our body's are our temple. we are descrating it.
    and making that an addiction itself. thats like slashing a church or burning a mosque.
  6. brokenxgirl
    thts a very good way of putting it but,
    from experience,
    its not really what u think of @ the time.
    sometimes i do it b/c no1 likes me where i live and ppl shout abuse @ me in the streets when i mind my own buisness
    and @ the moment my nan has got lung cancer and sometimes can b very ill and last friday my rabbit died so im abit depressed @ the moment
  7. Utena Tenjo
    well, i know. its just how i thought of it at the time. i see your point. im sorry about your rabbit, i know about death, my dad's dead know.
    ive been picked on on the street because im gay and with all the protests in california, its hard to get peace..
  8. yinyangAio1
    Howdy! My name is Coty...this girl I dated cut herself before she dated me...I stopped that though I think. I asked her to stop because it hurt me to think of her cutting herself just because she was sad...I hated the very thought of her being sad...but ya know there is this event going on at the college I attend here in Ohio that's called "Cutter Awearness Day" and it's to celebrate people who have stopped cutting themselves. What happens is, everybody on campus writes "Love" on their arms in big letters with a marker! I don't know much about the meaning behind doing it cause the leader isn't telling me much about it! XD All I know is that he asks everybody to write "Love" in big letters on their arm to where people can see it as they walk past you and that it's tomorrow! I'll have to ask him for more details later!
  9. brokenxgirl
    theres nothing wrong with being gay,im not but i have nothing against ppl who r, i mean its ur life and u can do what u want witgh it without ppl judging u,ppl judge me 2 and i know how u feel.i used 2 cut b/c of alot of stress of my nan having cancer(but good news,75%of her cancer has gone WOOHOO) but she had a fall and sprained her leg really badly and mt grandad had a heart attack and my rabbit died and i hate school b/c i havent got any friends and still dont so i was going through alot and all the stress is comming back 2 me
  10. Utena Tenjo
    wow broken. i hope your nan gets better. cancer is tough,,i cant imagine it. and hi yingang, i like the idea for the cutting, i get the symbolism. ive noticed its gotten to be a huge problem nationally. i ve heard a lot of cases.
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