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  1. darkangel1240
    oh finally! new members! i was getting so lonely because, no one barely talks in this group
  2. darkangel1240
    wow.. this group is soo lonely... i could probably post whatever i want on here.. lol i'm bored... wow... i'm leaving.
  3. secret lover
    are we allowed to write poetry here? If not then I'm sorry for intruding.
  4. blissnoma
    Yes you may write poetry here^^ please
    ~~poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance~~
  5. secret lover
    thank you

    "Demon demon"

    Demon demon why do you hate me?
    I waited for you and yet you did not show.
    Demon demon why do you cry?
    I hurt your poor soul with my heart full of rage.
    Demon demon will you love me forever?
    With all my heart even hen we are separated.

    Sense I am now holy and you are unholy Demon demon are destiny has changed but will you still love me even though I am sacrid?
    As long as our existence continues with joy I'll stay with you for infinity and beyound.
  6. blissnoma
    poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance.......
    beautiful truely beautiful.....
  7. secret lover
    my poetry reflects myself for I am a demon when I write thus they call me demon poet....
  8. tokini
    my favorite is deidara and sasori
  9. tokini
    home is a place where we are happy and free,freedom is a song victory can only sing im not sure why
  10. fiqx
    hi i'm new here...and my favorite character in akatsuki is itachi
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