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  1. fiqx
    can someone tell me how old is itachi when he became a member of akatsuki
  2. garhett
    who here thinks they should get more akatsuki members now on naruto
  3. zoolivemonster
    hello eveyone. my name is Christy. I'm new to this group so yeah.
  4. Akaryu792
    hey was up im new my favorite akatsuki member is tobi because........tobi is a good boy
  5. Zero666Mitaki
    hi evrybody.idk garhett.their clan has a good bit of people.howevr,quite a few die in shippuden so they should replace them or somethin.
  6. Akaryu792
    i think that shippuden is way better than the normal naruto i hate the leaf village because of it tho finding out they were the ones who decided to destroy the uchiha clan all along but u find out tobi is madara who is the strongest uchiha ever
  7. blissnoma
    haya guys whats up? and i would just like to say thankyou all for joining my club=^.^=
    i've been in a "place" for awhile so i havent been on for awhile sorry please forgive me...
    and very much thanks to "tokini" for your awsome pic^^
  8. Akaryu792
    hey everyone over the summer me, zero, and sargathis r gonna try to do cosplay were gonna do akatsuki cosplay but were gonna make our own twist to it were gonna design our cosplay after naruto characters we made up were also gonna have the rings nd zero is gonna get sand demon contacts gonna b bad ass
  9. Zero666Mitaki
    heh.ya,wut he said.we are acting as if we are replacing the dead members by buying some of theit stuff and mixing in our own ideas.speaking of which,there was like only 1 member who was replaced by someone(sasori by tobi i think).do u guys think there could be more replacements since about half are killed off?
  10. mo0da
    hi eveyone. my name is nawar". I'm new member to this group so yeah.
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