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  1. Lilsasuke
    sasuke probaly not because of the bond naruto shares with them
  2. ILoveUzamakiix77
    maybe..but um he doesnt kno any jutsu to do so..only kirin which isnt powerful enough..
  3. Akaryu792
    yea he knows plenty of jutsu to blow up the leaf such as his susanoo ability as well as amaterasu he learns plenty to destroy the leaf and sasuke doesnt care about naruto anymore after his defection of the leaf they battle and then goes to train under orochimaru and after that naruto sees him again in naruto shippuden 2:bonds and sasuke never shows emotion towards him no happiness, anger, nor care that naruto was really even there he just wanted to do what orochimaru wanted he helps naruto destroy the huge enemy at the end to test his abiliyies more than anything besides doesnt anyone understand sasuke wants revenge after itachi dies during their fight madara tells sasuke it was the leaf who ordered the death of the uchiha clan and not the hokage but the elder in charge of the anbu danzo
  4. bonecrusher92
    uhhh... soo...which akatsuki u think is the best..or the tough..i think it would be itachi and kakuzu..
  5. fiqx
    i want to ask something...who is tobi..?is he obito...i get really confused with this thing on my head...

    some say obito and some say madara...this thing give me a headache...
  6. fiqx
    no need to tell...i have already know who is tobi....
    he's uchiha madara....
  7. 01marth
    Yeah man i got confused as well but they say tobi die n madara might be sasuke uncle dude but man i just heard a rumor they say gaara join the akatsuki with sasuke but it only a rumor ppl so i think i want to be Kazlvzu i think i spell his name wrong my bad i say the other hidden mist dude with the sytle the other 7 sword mist ninja
  8. fiqx
    haaah...gaara join the akatsuki,i think that is just a total rumor though because when gaara fight with sasuke at the five kages meeting he told that sasuke should leave akatsuki behind and return to the konoha,something like that...he never intend to said like "I WANNA JOIN THE AKATSUKI!!!!!"
  9. belovedXtragedy
    my favorite character in the Akatsuki is Deidara ^_^ hes pretty bomb literaly >.<
  10. 01marth
    Yeah i agreed with u fiqx people r saying he join it yeah right garra not like that y whould he do that anyway come on
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