Your favorite akatsuki member...

  1. fiqx
    so,my favorite akatsuki member is...well,let see...

    hmm...i think itachi or tobi/madara...they are both great in skills,ninjutsu and genjutsu...that is because they are the uchiha...

    what's your favorite akatsuki member..?
  2. Nisaku the dbz princ
    hm...diedara easily
    I've always been a fan of his...
    IDK why I'm a fan of his though...but Sasori is second even though he died...
  3. thefallenangel
    my fav is deidara hands down! my friends think i made my self stop growing to be ass tall as him but i did not! my second thogh is TOBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. michna
    ITACHI! he has great skills especially in ninjutsu and genjutsu and taijutsu dont have a second taught he came from the clan of UCHIHA!
    he is not bad at all because he still beats a heart of a brother ^_^ he still love sasuke!
  5. Kite Skyler
    my top 5 akatuki members who i think rock!

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