all about anime :D

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  1. neko nathaniel
    welcome people that join feel free to talk about any thing and every thing
  2. neko nathaniel
    welcome fyrelric happy that u would join me in my group feel fee to talk about anything
  3. neko nathaniel
    so what is your fave anime? myn lol ihave alot like elfenlid
  4. narutard bugboy
    whats up my favorite anime is naruto hands down .
  5. neko nathaniel
    cool i like the old animes beter lol dont think u know but naruto was gowing to be a porn in the begining lol then it terned into a book lol o that neko girl and that other girl is 2 of my drawings lol
  6. neko nathaniel
    lol u know what im like in all the top grups lol exeped the ones that are invite only...thos basterdes lol and u know it shows the last persun that posts in every group lol im always like ther lol i gow down the page and all i see is my name lol
  7. narutard bugboy
    well i can get on once a day. maybe twice so if you respond to something i sed dont expect a response untill the nxt
  8. neko nathaniel
    lol thats ok i dont mind at all lol i can wait............................... i hate that u hafe to writte more then what u need lol
  9. narutard bugboy
    all you have to do is make the . at the end and then put in space . so it
  10. narutard bugboy
    looks like this .
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