all about anime :D

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  1. narutard bugboy
    i know 1 of my friends got hecka stupid infractures
  2. neko nathaniel
    lol thay are still pissing me of as we speek lol u know what im just gowing to stay away fromy the site owning people lol
  3. narutard bugboy
    yeah. hey i heard of you winnig that competition. nice dude
  4. neko nathaniel
    thx lol i was so happy lol i got a how to draw manga styil book and its really helpfull
  5. narutard bugboy
    yeah i gotta get one of those .
  6. neko nathaniel
    lol ya sins iv bin reading it i can tell my drawing skill has goten beter
  7. neko nathaniel
    man i just read the postinrulls and it dus not tell u about the best plases to put thing
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