Kuroshitsuji season2?

  1. Meiri chan
    Meiri chan
    So I saw the new characeters for the second season and I must say, "Not too shabby." But I don't too much like the idea of the anime going so far off from the orignal plot... I mean I wanted to see the manga really develope in the anime, but as it goes, the movie (in this case the anime) can never be as good as the book. I mean, if they bring back Sebby and Ceil, then maybe it has a chance of getting me as a viewer, but what do you think about the new season coming out in july? Are you excited or (if your a manga reader) disappointed? I for one definitly am in love with Ciel and Sebestian being together. T_T
  2. Sebastiansotherhalf
    okay well the second season has come out and i've seen it all...
    Ciel and Sebby...O.o *reminds me of Grell*.... are in the second season of the anime because they show up towards the end of episode one and are bascially the main characters for the plot again except the two new main characters.....if you want to know more go to Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Fansite - Home and it explains a whole lot of stuff. it's basically like a wiki but not completely a wikipedia and crap....^^
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