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  1. KawaiiKieanna
    I like VK. Who think is the main character? Me,I would say The twins or Yuki.I really don't know that much about it though.I have seen some episodes of it on
  2. mangalovertje
    I think is about Yuki the most and kaname too...
    It's the most about them...
    Zero plays a big part too but...
    Not enough too think that's he is the main character..
  3. brokenxgirl
    hello im new 2 this club
    i love anime it rocks
    take care bye every1
  4. mangalovertje
    Hi there sakura-chan...
    welcome here..
    *waves at you and gives then a big hug*...
  5. Additionalanime1
    HI everyone hows it goin! Ive been realy stresed lately
  6. mangalovertje
    How come??
    But I'm fine..
    Yeah It's been long since I've..
    seen you here...
  7. brokenxgirl
    hi pam *waves back and gives u a bigger hug* =]
    hi additionalanime1 how r u???
    hows every1
    take care bye
  8. mangalovertje
    Hi Sakura-chan...
    *almost crushes you with the hug*...
    I'm fine...
    Well g2tg..
  9. brokenxgirl
    hi pam glad ur fine
    *crushes u harder with the hug*
    im so happy =]
    take care gotta go
  10. mangalovertje
    You want to have me dead or something...
    *Gives you a big hug*...
    How are you??...
    *Waves*... g2tg..
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