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  1. neko nathaniel
    hey ^-^ whats up lol i just started about 2 weeks ago and i need a group o join so i thot this one would be fun ^-^ well i g2g im in school right now ill talk to u all some other time bye bye =^._.^=lol kitty
  2. Zike13
    no problem here i like it to its ok in my book. by the way have you seen the anime aquarion?
  3. ILoveUzamakiix77
    Posting On What Like Threads And Stuff..Cause Dahs Simple Really. But Um...What Type Of Posting.?
  4. superstar9156
    Thanks for the invite. Anywho, my favorite anime show is either Inuyasha or Code Geass.Also I need a friend, I started about 5 days ago, but I really want a friend. Thank You
  5. luniarose
    my favorite right now is bleach and blood plus
    because of all the action and adventure
  6. Vizard Ichigo Bankai
    Hi im Riozaki also known as L , my fav anime is deathnote and Bleach
  7. Dragons2801
    hello im Jake, but am known as dragon, my fav animes are bleach, code geass, naruto, blood puls, helsing, and crome shelled rigos. these are great anime series and most are filled to the brim with action.
  8. Kiani Haki22
    Well I haven't posted in here in a long while .. Well I hope everyone is enjoying my group and sorry for being absent which will happen a lot considering I am a busy person. My interests in anime still remain the same I haven't gained new interest between now and then.
  9. CheryPie
    Hi i'm Migle tough most of my friend call me Mii and you can to cuz my name is hard to say.I'm from Lithuania so my writings bad sorry if i make any mistakes. anyway my fave anime are: FullMoon wo sagashite, Itazura na kiss, Ghost hunt, Hakuouki, kanon, Angel beats! and Clannad XDDD
  10. Kiani Haki22
    Cool I have never heard of those animes ;]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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