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  1. DaRk IcHiGo
    Hey peps Rite now im gettin into Bleach but i still Love .//Hack Anime the best!!!...dunno y?...but I wish it was real...although it could become a reality game dont u think? ohh an i just join...
  2. Kiani Haki22
    Welll welcome to my group Dark.....always nice to have a new member.......Bleach that is a good show I watch it every now and then.
  3. DaRk IcHiGo
    for those who watch bro watch it every new episode but then it gets to the part where Itachi is a good guy after all? and that he was order to kill his own clan by the hokage for they were going to rebel???...did u guys get this far yet? if so give me ur thoughts..
  4. Ghattenpaw
    My favorite anime is Sailor Moon. It has awesome bad guys, a great love story, wonderful friends and you get to watch the heroine grow from flighty and insecure into confident and all caring
  5. Corvus
    .hack G.U. (nice inspiring anime.), KARAS(action and ends way too soon.) s-CRY-ed(action to the max), naruto(nice long and rounded anime that I haven't really got into yet), bleach(same as naru but with irritating fillers at some points), burst angel (action), claymore(action), code geass (nice rounded anime without the annoying fillers and a lot of intense plot) deathnote (sick thrilling anime that ends all too soon) ... actually you know what I've literally watched so many different styles and genres of anime that it'd be better for a person to describe to me what they like and I can give them a rediculous list of excellent things to watch... if you haven't seen any of those however... I insist that you search them and do whatever it takes to watch them they are among the most addicting of the different titles that I've watched and they have good stories too.
  6. Lunarmaiden1029
    Lately i have been watching naruto, death note, code geass, bleach, and a couple of inuyasha re-runs on tv.
  7. naruto 55
    naruto 55
    My favorite anime is naruto,bleach,and rave master. because they all fight bad guys. And their is a new episode of naruto shippuden,it was cool and awsome demon fox.
  8. bluedyme
    mine is..the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, soul eater, detective conan, vampire hunter, inuyasha, code geass, black cat, naruto, one piece..and theres a lot more^^
  9. gamemaster331
    I like Dancougar the best. It's one of those giant robo war stories. but this is one of the earlier ones, from the 80s
  10. anlm3g0dd355
    hello. i just joined tihs group is there any thing i should know?
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