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  1. awesomeparty12
    my favorite anime is nightmare campus and cowboy bebop
  2. mangalovertje
    my favo anime is...
    Gundam Wings and Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny...
    Devil May Cry too..
    But you can say I love a lot of Anime..
  3. Toki
    me the i liekd the seed series as well as the stargazer was good also if i can find my old list i post it up it had most of my fav annimes on it.
  4. Elocinixcz123
    I also love gundam seed and gundam seed destiny!..
    I am also reading the vampire knight manga..
    it's a nice one!.. hope you like it if you decided to read it.
    or if you have read it.. it's nice right?..

  5. Toki
    yes in fact that is one of the ones i am reading right now and yes it is pretty love zero he seems so cool and i love his guun it looks so cool.
  6. phoensims
    one of my fav. series is death note. I love light!!! he's just so wonderfully complex
  7. Kiani Haki22
    I love any anime that has a good story line and lots and lots of romance and romance conflicts, espically when it involves VAMPIRES!!!!! yay!!!!
  8. Elocinixcz123
    yey!.. everyone likes VAMPIRES!!!...
    ong live VAMPIRES!!!...
  9. mangalovertje
    vampires are awesome but i like
    series with demons too...
  10. Elocinixcz123
    eloe pam..
    everything like that is fine..
    their the best..
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