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  1. Kiani Haki22
    Yes, I couldnt live without me Vampires seriously, gosh so sexy(vampires).^^
  2. mangalovertje
    yeah vampires and demons
    are so cool...
    but then it must be a..
    human/demon.. you know
    someone that's half demon and half human...
    they are so cool...
  3. animegabe
    his group appears like the correct one for me..............
  4. mangalovertje
    well hello then...
    What kinda anime do you like..??
  5. animegabe
    i enjoy various dramas, like shakugan no shana, rosario vamp of course naruto
  6. animegabe
    i meant animes but i also like asian drama like kurasagi etc
  7. mangalovertje
    ah cool....
    Yeah these series are cool...
    I love to watch them..
    I love to watch Devil May Cry...
  8. animegabe
    hmmm i saaw devil may cry a long tiee ago its a fairly short series but full of demonic action
  9. KawaiiKieanna
    hi peoples!! I'm a newbie here,and it's nice to be in the
    Anime,Anime,Anime!!!!! Group!!
  10. mangalovertje
    welcome KawaiiKieanna...
    and if you want to chit chat..
    your welcome to do...
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