1. Vizard Ichigo Bankai
    Hi guys nice group u got here im Li Tian

    My fav animes would be Code Geass R2 and Bleach
  2. Vizard Ichigo Bankai
    hmph great
  3. Dragons2801
    hello im dragon, code geass is a great anime the guys a genious its amaising at the end where he has his friend kill him and take his place as leader. i give it a 9 out of 10.

    bleach is prety good as well.
    i recommend you watch helsing it is a great anime series.
  4. vishichen
    well i'm new to this group i'm vishi and i hope we can get along and we will have the possibility to disuss much about animes ;D

    my favourite is still nana, kaichou wa maid sama, skip beat (I'm still waiting for further episodes^^ )but also in the action area like one piece, naruto, fairy tail, ao no exorcist
  5. megapanda1616
    I am new to this group also - i am megapanda - yoroshiku onegai shimasu x
    my favourite anime is currently hyouka and natsuyuki rendezvous, also onepiece and naruto shippuden x
    my favourite manga is D Gray man, beelzebub, gintama and many more x
    hope we can get along x
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