Recoomendation for mangas/animes similar to NANA or SKIP BEAT ?!

  1. vishichen
    i'm always looking for mangas/animes like nana or skip beat, but i don't really get an answer? do you have suggestions ?! PLEASE WRITE .....
  2. usagisSsyoshHh
    i haven't read skip beat.... and i didnt encounter nana yet..... ill try reading them so i can come up with suggestion
  3. megapanda1616
    Are you asking for things like shoujo show-biz mangas? i am reading skip beat and watched halfway through NANA anime. Uhm, I don't know if this will help and you probably already know the website but if you go on this Baka-Updates Manga - Skip Beat! you can scroll down and look at similar recommendations or click on categories and maybe find mangas that have similar theme.
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