your favorite Bleach character

  1. KaoriN8
    OOOOOOOOOOMG isn't it sad that the bleach anime is over??? *sobsob*

    However, this doesn't keep us from talking about it, right?
    I'd like know which has been your favorite Bleach character (beside Ichigo) and why (looks, bakai, behaviour, ...).

    I like Ikkaku Madarame he's just too funny especially when he's making fun of someone and lauging his ass off.
  2. Ranma
    I like Kenpachi myself, and the reason being that he's a maniac, but he's also powerful.^^
    He never uses Bankai from what i've seen, but i'm sure that if he did it would be massively powerful.
  3. KaoriN8
    hahaaa, yes Kenpachi is really special! I like his smile when he's all excited about a battle! and these bells he sticks on the top of his hairs - maniac indeed a maniac
  4. megapanda1616
    Hello i am new in this group x
    i also can't believe bleach ha ended - i hadn't expected it to be so early. I did hear they were to resume but i don't know when and i don't know if it is true.
    i would say hitsugaya toushiro is my favourite bleach character because he is a child prodigy x
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