Anime Inuyasha

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  1. Stormwolf
    HELLO EVERYONE! Ill add some pics for everyone.
    AND I have seen EVERY SINGLE anime of Inuyasha so I can answer almost an quest cept names. Cause unless their name is said a lot OR I remember it, I wont be able to tell ya.
  2. Stormwolf
    No 1 is joining. I sad now. Please someone. there had to be some one who like Inuyasha
  3. Stormwolf
    People I Command You To Join This Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Elocinixcz123
    eloe there!.. n_n obviously I like the anime.. but I'm not really updated 'coz don't have the resources.. I have a question.. Are there only 4 movies for inuyasha?.. Have you wathched it?..
  5. Stormwolf
    As far I as I know there are only four movies and I have seen em all. I also own the DVD's of em and every series on DVD. Ima inuyasha fan lol.

    Like the inuyasha pics btw
  6. Elocinixcz123
    yep!.. me too.. specially the 3rd pic.. I like kagome for inuyasha than kikyou.. lol.. and my favorite movie... well, I like the 2nd coz its sweet but the 3rd one's cool... n_n
  7. hanyougirl2010
    i like the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movies. The 1st one wasn't very good.
  8. Elocinixcz123
    yup!... the animation of the first one was old.. its not great.. the story's nice though...
  9. Stormwolf
    People load more pix lol. I like Inuyasha pics and I cant load the ones I draw.
  10. Rabanastre
    ok i will get some for you
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