1. blackrose762
    I hope you enjoy being in this group please feel free to make your own disscussions but please no mean comments or inappropriate pictures please thats all I ask and I hope you guys get along okay!

  2. Ryanswagg1
    seems like no ones biting? alas, it happens to all of us
    but ill gladly start up something!
  3. ValSaiyan
    Hi! I'm new and was just looking for a group! Glad I found one too!
  4. animeboi12
    hey val im thomas
    what up im new too
    nice to meet you
  5. Nollie
    this group should be active <3 I'm hoping I will love this group :]
  6. animeboi12
    hey nollie
    i'm a writter too
    and i love to write anime stories
  7. yuukiangellove
    hi, i'm new and totally hoping this group is going to be fun
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