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  1. KawaiiKieanna
    Hello.I am the creator of this group! Hope you join!!
  2. darkangel1240
    awesome place! any one like J-rock? oh! how about bleach?
  3. Akura13
    Omg, I'm totally in love with J-Rock! You people want me to put up some of my pics from my J-Rock album? ^^
  4. darkangel1240
    J- rock is awesome! I love it 2! okay! lol i wanna put some J-rock pics. 2!
  5. ryanosuke
    Hey KawaiiKieanna, I checked out the group, and it's cool, I love J-Rock too btw. And yea darkangel, I love Bleach.
  6. Akura13
    I just put up a~lot of J-Rock group pics from my album! ^^
  7. ryanosuke
    Yea I might post pics of UVERworld and Larc~en~ciel up.
  8. darkangel1240
    oh snap! i like your pics Akura! XD yay! new members!
  9. KawaiiKieanna
    hey peoples! Thanks for joining! I love all of the above! I'll put some of my pictures up here from my album.But i'll have to do it tomorrow.v.v,XD,Anyways,Me Love J-rock!!
  10. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    Hey guys, awesome pics, and hope we can be friends. ^^
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