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  1. lessaangel
    Hello i hope i can fit in this group!!!!!!!!!
  2. michna
    BeLaTeD hAFfIe vAlEnTiNeS 2 AlL
  3. KawaiiKieanna
    Hello everyone!!! It's me! the creator of this group! happy past valentine's day! just droped by to say hi, even though i havent been on here. so, see ya all later byez! n_~
  4. mdog081193
    Happy valitines day(late as can be) .
  5. XXkenshinXX
    HEY! it's been forever since i've been on this page. Hows it goin? guess what guys! I'm getting married!
  6. KawaiiKieanna
    (i don't know if that's trie or not..but oh well n_*) Hey peoples! its been 4evr since i've been on here to. XXkenshinXX...congrats on your marraige!! Here comes the bride, here comes the bride! ^_^
  7. forgottenshadow
    Hello everyone!! How are you all doing?
    Great pictures up!! (even though I only recognise only a couple of them ^^") so what J-artists do you guys like?
  8. neko nathaniel
    umm hmm lets see i wuld hafe to say masashi kishimoto.....the maker of naruto
  9. Ryu Senka
    Ryu Senka
    Hi everyone I just joined this group and was hoping someone could give me a good warm welcome!
  10. canonrocker
    Hey My New GROUPMATES ^_^
    What's New ????
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