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  1. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    Lets get all those arcade kings and queens around the table
  2. atomik_sprout
    Right on! I don't have many high scores yet, but I'm workin' on it. ^_^

    Game on, my friends! Game on!
  3. LichGRIFFIN
    Nice idea ,though i stopped playing a little while ago but i'll be returning soon enough
  4. RayMe
    Uu... im one of the kings! But gee... why did you guys have to attack lots of my games.. i love having that 100 top games gee... ) I might start playing again soon... but my gf wont let me play much so... depends ^^
  5. Trunks
    Problem is not enough people play the arcade, a lot of the scores I took from Mini-dev he was the ONLY one who had played the game at all, and was the only one who had a score at all. Easy to get the high score when nobody else is on the leaderboard or even playing the game to see how you'd stack up. I wonder how many of those 300+ high scores are on games where you're the only one on the leaderboard? :P
  6. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    Oh some of my games i'm proud of but some are just hopeless i know. It's just because Trunks is the king of finding patterns, well i thought this would be good for all the arcaders to discuss there views on games in here. And if Gungrave is wondering why i didn't add him i didn't want to cause conflitct betweeen hium and legend and myself lol
  7. Legend
    Thank god, Mini lol.

    Ohetrwies ti woudl be ful off bad tiping lik dis
  8. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    See what i mean, hopeless Though i have to agree But anyway, no member but downs we have an admin in our group
  9. LichGRIFFIN
    So what? *ouch!* ...not enough players for the arcade no wonder the RPG Inferno ...
  10. Legend
    sup guys, quick update on the arcade thing, go check the thread.
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