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  1. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    have done legend my friend, when does this start? why do we need 50 characters totally pointless because people will just do this in order to get 50 characters
  2. mahiru
    I like Mahjong. Especially the originally and Mahjong connect. So those are mainly what I play. But I think I still have a high score in Candy Tetris and maybe something else. Yeah...
  3. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    Ooops bad mistake Mahiru, Trunks will be on that cnady tetris in a flash Yeah mahiru you are a really good arcadeist under the hood, i don't think anyone really recoqnises you because you swiftly come in then out, you seem to rock those mahjongs, Well good luck in the future
  4. RayMe
    Gee... Hmm ... my pc too slow... can't play games much here.. i must use the other pc to play... but then i can't talk to Laura much if im there.. -.- sheesh
  5. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    haha difficult for you, but may i say please replies on my post in the forums about games on voting, you shall see what i mean when you look.
  6. naruto_4893
    I'm gettin bord with all my games i need new ones can play with you guyz?
  7. LichGRIFFIN
    Oh everyone seemed to attack me last few days ,but i got no free time ,till next week that is ;p
  8. Legend
    Damn I told Mini to help me with the arcade tourney, he went MIA
  9. naruto_4893
    hey guy what's new in the game world?just thought i would drop by and figuerd i would se what's goin on.
  10. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    you missed me, im back but depending how my life pans out depends on the duration of my stay here and hell im determined and fresher than ever, we'll see if im saying that in a week haha bring it!
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