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  1. Mini Dev
    !Mini Dev
    Cya later gonna get banned for abusing aceman haha he's a bit of a goon so hope i don't lose all respect from everyone, im still the same old mini dev, maybe i'll see you, you just wont recognise me, cya guys
  2. Trunks
    You should have just let it go, getting banned while holding hundreds of high scores is not a good idea because the arcade system purges all scores of banned or deleted members after a certain time frame to keep the arcade scores clean and bug free.
  3. Alphonse Hohenheim
    Hello Mini Dev and Trunks i would like to talk to both of you send me private messages please
  4. atomik_sprout
    Hi everyone! Long time, no speak!

    I feel like I'm hardly ever on AO enough to say hi to everyone. That and I keep forgetting I'm in a social group here. >_<

    Anyway, I'm goin' back to the arcade! I think there's still an open slot in the Long Jump tourney if anyone's interested. Otherwise, I'm thinkin' of starting a tournament soon. I'll be in touch!
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    hiya everyone. i never knew AO had an arcade group.
  6. atomik_sprout
    Welcome to the group! ^_^

    I've been seeing a lot of your scores when I show up at the arcade, how often do you usually play?
  7. kaki tori kaizoku
    thank you for the welcome. i play off and on. i guess maybe an hour or so a day.
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