Who plays instruments?!

  1. voldiaran
    Anyone play an instrument? or play in a band? let us know =). I started playing guitar and it led me into bass and ive been playing bass ever since! i love it. so what do you play? ^.^
  2. atomik_sprout
    It just so happens that I own a guitar and a bass. ^_^

    I play guitar more than bass but love the crap out of both. I've always wanted to be in a band or some kind of music group. My friend and I had a group for a short time but adulthood and responsibility gets in the way of having fun. LOL.

    I do open mics on occasion still and I love jammin' with people. A buddy of mine has a bass and has been taking lessons, so I've been jammin' with him and my friend Andrew. I also can play a few songs from the Beck OST. ^_^
  3. voldiaran
    nice ^.^ i love both but bass is just my thing idk just love it haha. ya i know what you mean i tryed starting alot of bands with friends but was just too busy, a shame.

    well good never stop playing music one of the best things ever! i need to learn some of the BECK songs i listen to them all the time i just always space out on it haha, welcome to the group btw!
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