bleach characters:faves

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  1. animekairi
    so heyy ppl who is ur favorite anime character from bleach? reply all u want! we want to hear wat u hav to sayy!!!
  2. kishina34
    i like all of a characters haha. well except for the ugly ones.
  3. lessaangel
    lol my favorite character of bleach is Ichigo in hallow form lol
  4. deiuchi
    i love hitsugaya cause he is just soo cute. But out of the arrancars it would have to be ulquiorra
  5. kishina34
    ok exacly i like hitsugaya oh and um oh snap oh yeah lol renji
  6. 01marth
    I prefer the banki it really cool .,.,.,.,,..,.,,.,.,.,.,,.,
  7. AznZheng96
    I like everyone but Ichigo's Forms are my top favorite cause I seem to like almost all the main characters of any anime but still i like his forms and ongoing power upgrade lol... His new full hollow form has a cool design and his bankai is stunningly fast also his vizard form is a nice blend between hollow and shinigami xD Also his attack is awesomely named and strong ~ GESTUGA TENSHOU
  8. 01marth
    Yeah alrite a other fan of bleach told u it much better the sroce is 3to2 now bleach fans r winning
  9. kishina34
    you know rukia and ichigo are shinagami's my other fav is byakuya
  10. 01marth
    I like anything with swords with power their should be a sword that throw lighing
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