bleach characters:faves

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  1. Halo
    well i came with something that close to the soul society, i call it the shadow society, and the occupants, shadow hunters, almost similar to the soul reapers, but instead of wearing samari clothing, they wear long sleeve black shirts under a white unbuttoned short sleeve jacket and always carries a sword with them at all times, extinguishing the american evils, the forsaken...but thats just me,
  2. 01marth
    Hey that not so bad sound a little cool but who in crage of it how many ppeople run it
  3. MoonandStarsAbove
    I'm torn with my Favorite Characters, I like Kenpachi, Yachiru, Mayuri, Unohana, Kisuke, Ichigo, Renji, and Chad
  4. Halo
    well shadow society is like the soul society, just not in the world of the dead, like the soul society. it is runned by the master, or sensei in japanese terms,a nd there r different groups of shadow killers, shadow hunters, soul hunters and shadow reapers (crosses between soul reaper and shadow hunter) and plus a secret group that is secret in which i cannot tell u guys about
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