what do you think of anime wonders?

  1. kishina34
    i meant to say..... you can talk about other anime too. forgive me do you like the group????????????????????
  2. 01marth
    R u refering to the group club it okay i guess other than only a few ppl cm
  3. AznZheng96
    This is a cool club, just not much people though im fine with that xD
  4. 01marth
    Wonderful well it okay much more better then any other club i used be in at least ppl r on so it not so bad
  5. maki chan16
    hmmmm its cool.... xdddd "speechless" haroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. 01marth
    SO this club is not so bad i mean few ppl do log on to talk about the topic so it alright by me
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