Your bleach character

  1. carasume
    Make up your own character or if ya alredy have a bleach character then post their: name, appearance, what they are like, and their age (if ya wanna) mines this: -name: carasume
    -appearance: waist length bright light blue hair, wears t-shirts, jeans, and a blue necklace
    -what they are like: she is sweet and careing, but she's mostly shy when around people.
    -age: 16
  2. Halo
    name:zero akashiya
    appearance: short silver hair and silver eyes, wears black clothing; black short jacket, black sleevless shirt underneath, black pants with silver chain on the loops, and black combat boots, carries a sword on the waist, .
    waht they r like:he belongs to the allies of the soul society, the shadow society, the ones that take care of demonic and spiritual problems in america, he is friendly toward people agressive towards enemies
  3. Darkbird the Scarred
    What about your character's zanpakuto Halo? Is there anything special about it?
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