1. Dragons2801
    here are some great anime series that i recomend.

    If you like action anime then i sigest "crome shelled rigos". it is an awesome anime that is packed with battles, and also has some romance in it to.

    If you like vampire anime then i sugest "hellsing series", and "black blood brothers".
    If guns and action make your day then i recommend "black cat".

    If you like supernatural such as gods and also semori anime then i highly recommend utawarerumono.

    these are some of the meny anime series that I have enjoyed. however I am looking for more anime series and wondering if you could give me any sigestions?
  2. Lord Myth
    Lord Myth
    I have labeled and categorized most of my amine, as well as progressing series that are coming out generally with an episode a week. So if you want some discussion topics let me know and i will post the list.....
  3. ines
    i've watched black blood brothers nd black cat, i like them both, so i'll try the others too, specially hellsing it looks really good
  4. Dragons2801
    yes there great series, but one leaves u on a cliffhanger.
  5. AznZheng96
    Hmm .. imma try out utawarerumono, thx xD ^^ any other supernatural animes?
  6. Dragons2801
    another supernatural would be 07-Ghost, and princess mononoke.
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