1. kishina34
    wow nice group you must really like anime i do too. D
  2. Dragons2801
    whats your favorate anime? were trying to post some on this sight but we are having difficulties. lol were glad to have you join our group.
  3. kishina34
    hehe im welcome to join at all! thanks for welcoming me! were bests friends right? so thats a good thing! oh wait i talk to much that dosnt even make any sence......
  4. Dragons2801
    lol yes we are best friends, im glad theat you joined, thanks for uploding some pictures, i still dont know how to do that.
  5. kishina34
    simple, you just go to ur profile create and album click on the link that says add pictures to group select some picture and the gruop and you have pictures here.
  6. Dragons2801
    ok i will try, how are you doing????????????????????????????????
  7. AznZheng96
    Haha, yes nice group xD .... how's everyone? xD
  8. Dragons2801
    Everything is going well i was gone for a while. so what have you all been doing laitly? i see not many of you are still on.
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