1. Dragons2801
    tell us a little bit about urselves dont be shy we wont make fun of you mutch lol. jus kiddin we wont make fun of ya.
    little info about urselves.
  2. AznZheng96
    I watch anime xD that's a hobby right?
    Sports- i dont play in a team but i play for fun with friends sometimes... sprots such as soccer and basketball... i like watching all kinds of sports though
    I got tons of favorite animes xD
    Im 13 and in 8th grade.. not a geek but an anime watcher who likes anime, manga, and drama... I like a lot of genres so im easy to please if someone is gonna recommend anime to me lol
  3. Princess Ashe
    hey im ashe, and i love final fantasy (cloud being my fave character) i also ove anime and manga of all kinds and have started to draw manga, starting with kiyiri yoshi from rosario vampire. i love vampires.
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