whos ur fav gundam character?

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  1. rock on
    rock on
    Have you ever watch Turn a Gundam? I didn't really care for it, but it did have a good story. It was just not as good as the others.
  2. thefallenangel
    no i havent. ill have to check it out .
  3. rock on
    rock on
    You might like Full Metal Panic ! and Blue Gender if you haven't seen them yet.
  4. thefallenangel
    ill add them to my list. hey have you seen durarara? its pretty new.
  5. rock on
    rock on
    No I haven't, I will have to watch it. Right now I am looking for new anime to watch.
  6. thefallenangel
    its on adult swim on saterdays also try Kekkaishi its on adult swim.
  7. rock on
    rock on
    I have seen Kekkaishi. I liked that one. You might like Noir or Madlax. Those two A girls with guns genre.
  8. HolderOfTheDarkChalice
    man this place is still going on? sweet sorry for the very long wait for a reply but ki still like the gundam i posted last year
  9. thefallenangel
    hey holder long time nice to hear from you! and rock on ill try those next time im watching anime on the computer.
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