Ceres Mansion

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  1. CBtay01
    " I am dreadfully sorry to here that. I know lets team up and get revenge. Let's get Sin and get back your control and in the end Destroy him."
  2. Blair13
    I look to her and nod with something hidden within my eyes, something secret. "Ok, but... how?"
  3. CBtay01
    "I don't really know i am only human but i can plan and since you are in after life then you should have power."
  4. Blair13
    My eyes glaze over, thinking as I become deep in thought. Subconciously, I then sit down in the nearest chair silently. "....."
  5. CBtay01
    what is it?............................................... ............
  6. Blair13
    "There's not much time now.... He's coming..." I look to you, "You must lock yourself in your room! Please go!"
  7. CBtay01
    "very well" * i start to go up the stairs but turn back twords you" Please Ceres be careful"* i turn and go to my room and lock the door*
  8. Blair13
    I look around warily as I feel his demonic aura near so I walk out of the room to look in the halls. I tense when I see him walking toward me with an angry glare. I put my arms around my waist and wait for him to approach me.
    When he does, he grabs my neck and slams me against the wall, "Who is here?!"
  9. CBtay01
    In my room I feel a presence I run into the main room... "PUT HER DOWN!!!" I call forward the sword of Syan and hold it to the dark figure that is above Ceres
  10. Blair13
    Sin smirks and glances from Charleese back to me, "So you brought me a new toy?"
    Me: "Leave her alone!"
    Sin: "Hehehe! This is going to be fun!" He easily knocks away your sword and grabs you by the throat and slams you against the wall. He tilts your head to the side and instantly begins to take your blood as he pins you helplessly to the wall.
    Me: "NOO!" I take a huge table and hit him in the back of the head with it.
    Sin: He winces and lets go from your neck to turn to me and fling me across the room with an invisible force, "Enough interfering with me you wench!"
    Me: I hit the wall unconcious.
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