Ceres Mansion

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  1. CBtay01
    Blair, unconcious, lays there.
    I run up to stand in front of her.
    "leave her alone!!!!"
    I pull my spear out of air I slash the air and send a wave tworad him.
  2. Blair13
    "Please.... r..run," I choked on a little of my own blood which was quickly seeping into my mouth while trying to obtain conciousness, though black dots played across my vision, threatening to take me over.
  3. Blair13
    ~Many years pass in the absence of help. The place changes. Everything becomes ruins.~
  4. Blair13
    Having been alone for three years passed, the life of the world dies around Ceres Mansion.
    I sit atop the ruins playing my violin with a mournful song and empty heart and eyes.
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