Christians Unite!

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  1. anonymous
    wait how come ?
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    im stage crew manager at my school, so im in charge of everything that goes backstage in a preformance. we have this big play coming up, the mayor and press are coming and we are being judged... its a big deal. if we go through then we're in the finals. we're a little school and everyone looks down at us. if we get through i can finally hold my head heigh and i don't have to be imbarassed to be going to the " reject school". we aren't a bunch of rejects.
  3. Hypercat2000
    Stage crew manager, i used to do that, until i got fired because i "wasn't doing my job" i was on my break when they caught me.
  4. anonymous
    i dont do plays and stuff so i wouldnt know .
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    no problem. how r u guys doing today? really hypercat2000. i think my friend is going to get fired. she never shows up for practise any more.
  6. Hypercat2000
    She doesn't? Well, she may, why don't you talk to her to make sure she doesn't get fired?
  7. kaki tori kaizoku
    i tried that. she ended up getting fired anyway. the members keep changing, now i have to teach my new crew everything and we have less than and we only have few days till the big preformance.
  8. anonymous
    when is the big performance?or did it pass already?
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    its this week. thursday. i got no free time but monday. ill try and come on but i can't promise anything.
  10. Hypercat2000
    That is okay, I will always be on at night time around 9:00 P.M.
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