Christians Unite!

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  1. missundrstood
    will do .
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    thanxs u guys. and ill be sure i do .
  3. Japxican
    k, i'm in quite a bit of a mangle. university's coming up quick, but i'm short thousands of bucks. please pray for a miracle, or at least God's will for me because i really enjoy my program and don't want to have to drop out.
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    ill be sure to include in my prayers japxican. hope u will be able to continue ur schooling.
    yeah it's almost time for school, i got less then a week before it starts.
  5. missundrstood
    ill keep you in prayer Japxican. by the way i just made a new rpg called vampire knight... go check it out
  6. Japxican
    Wow, dead group...----------------------------------
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