The Devil and Tom Walker

  1. missbad818
    alright a few days or weeks ago i read dis short story called "the devil and tom walker" i thought it was interesting because tom walker was the 1st person in church, he prayed da loudest, and shouted out in church but he was the biggest sinner. so heres my question do u think that the biggest sinners try to look like da most holiest? please tell explain ur answer of course.
  2. anonymous
    Since all sin separates us from God, I think we are all big sinners . I think that it is the condition of their heart, whether it is or is not contrite when asking for forgiveness. If we do not recognize our sin as sin, then why would we ever ask for forgiveness? Also, it is easy to point out others sin when our own is so beautiful to ourselves. We think nothing of our own sin, and we judge those who are struggling with their sin. That is one of the reasons why Christians have such a bad name. We are supposed to love every one no matter their belief and regardless of their sin. How are lost people supposed to know that what their doing is wrong without God? Personally, I could careless about the attack on Christianity, hell I'm getting sick of em myself. But I will defend God, and what I believe. I'm not sure who Tom Walker is, but he is human like us. We all have the potential for evil. I know I trailed off from your question hah

    Sorry for the sermon!
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