Clan Rainstorm:Special Operation Divison

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  1. cojoe5
    oh rave shut up and stop whinning or ill kick you..........just kidding.
  2. Rave_Grip
    Right ... a week passed by and only 1 response.
  3. cojoe5
    i said stop whinning.....and besides my grandmother died so leave me alone
  4. katsoyori33
    Im sorry to hear about your loss, Cojoe. -_- On of my own grandfather died last year.
  5. Rave_Grip
    I'm sorry about your loss Cojoe; but I didn't mention you.

    Anyone entering the AO banner contest?
  6. PhoenixSara
    Leave Coj alone!!! Ne katsoyori Kun.... you're being mean...
  7. cojoe5
    down sara need to bite their heads off...........
  8. katsoyori33
    HUH?! Did I say something wrong????!! I said that one of my own grand-dad's died last year and I miss him! I DIDN'T MEAN TO INSULT YOU! Im sorry!!!!
  9. cojoe5
    dude calm down she just over reacted....Sara please apologize when your on again....I apologize Katsoyori
  10. PhoenixSara
    KOmenosai.....i won't talk for a bit .... i seem to be getting ini trouble lately....
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