Clan Rainstorm:Special Operation Divison

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  1. Rave_Grip
    Hey did you hear about the mods and admins closing inactive forums?
  2. PhoenixSara
    heard about it but am not sure if it includes any of the groups as well....potm has stopped for a while i have not seen any new anouncements on it
  3. cojoe5
    so i've been moved up to san now sorry for not being on when your on but school and all
  4. PhoenixSara
    lol smarty pants coj well i cant keep calling you chan forever
  5. katsoyori33
    Did you miss me ?
  6. PhoenixSara
    Katsoyori Kun!!! tackles...lols missed you though what you been upto huh???
  7. katsoyori33
    PhoenixSara- NOT MUCHHH!!!! ^__^ Youu??? =]
  8. cojoe5
    hey cheif long time no see....Sara im not being smart thats not how are you two???
  9. PhoenixSara
    Am okay i guess...swamped with work nyer grumbles ...goes to one corner with my laptop to finish a report
  10. katsoyori33

    This Place Needs Some Life Breathed Into Itttt!! >_<
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