Clan Rainstorm

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  1. crazy canadin emo kid
    what clan are we from the village hidden in the what
  2. katsoyori33
    This has NOTHING to do with Naruto! Well we are Clan Rainstorm of the nothing hidden in nothing xD. Oh and you're my 2nd in command now!
  3. katsoyori33
    OK people if ya wanna join ya have ta look like a Ninja. Submit some pics of yourselves dressed up as Ninja-ish as possible. We only want you to TRY. It doesnt matter how much you look like one. If ya try then your in.
  4. crazy canadin emo kid
    i see ok got you im a commander sweet ok i will try to look like a ninja
  5. Serena500
    hey how can you guys forget about me??? are you scared that a girl would ruin your rep?
  6. katsoyori33
    I was about to invite you Serena! Sorry... Hey! Where's the pic?!
  7. jessicacheers
    well i will have to send in my pic soon i will try to do that later after my advance math work
  8. PhoenixSara
    will join am interested thanks for the invite guys
  9. katsoyori33
    I am the invitator. I am the one who decides everything.
  10. katsoyori33
    Ok. Serena500, you are 1st Company, Kunoichi Division Leader.
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