Clan Rainstorm

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  1. zyta
    i protest, why must i be in charge of the 3rd company of female ninjas when i'm a dude? >_<
  2. PhoenixSara
    LOL YEAH I AGREE Zyta is a dude but i like this group
  3. katsoyori33
    Crap canadin! You gave zyta a female post! Well zyta don't be sad. At least you're the leader of a group of cute girls. Can't complain right?
  4. crazy canadin emo kid
    hummm......*looks around at nothing* ah i must of looked at the wrong papers well we can give you a new rank if you want zyta
  5. katsoyori33
    Good idea. I was going to do that in the first place.Zyta, You are a 3rd Company, Special Squad Captain.
  6. iluvmyloser
    Hey Guys wat's up? I got lost so what do i do ?
  7. LichGRIFFIN
    Poor zyta!! *laughs and runs around*
  8. katsoyori33
    Hey iluvmyloser!! You can do Whatever ya want!!!!!!
  9. katsoyori33
    Welcome DEMON SPAWN. You are 5th in command. Congrats.
    wow! i didn't even know we had clans. this is awesome. i hope i can contribute some valuable discussion. *puts on ninja gear* alright lets rock! 5th in command?!?! sweet!
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