Clan Rainstorm

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  1. katsoyori33
    jessicacheers. You are 1st Company, Kunoichi Devision Assistant Leader.
  2. katsoyori33
    PhoenixSara, you are 2nd Company, Kunoichi Devision Leader. Or. 2nd Class, 5 Kunai.
  3. Young Wolf
    Young Wolf
    i dont just dress up as i ninja i train as one and am going to work hard at it
  4. katsoyori33
    If ya dont dress up and send a pic then Im gonna have ta KICK YOU OUT!!! lol joking. Do you train in Ninjutsu?
  5. katsoyori33
    Because Im taking Ninjutsu lessons. Mondays, Wednsdays and Fridays. Those are the days I go to my dojo for practice.
  6. Young Wolf
    Young Wolf
    kinda but i also train flexibility speed jumping
    i can jump a 10 foot wall with out using my fet to touch it
    i also use swords and other weapons while practicing my stealth
  7. katsoyori33
    No. I mean in the REAL world lol. If in the real world then that's pretty impressive.
  8. ilovenaruto11
    hi and thank you for wanting me to be in your clan thats awsome
  9. katsoyori33
    Mhm! You are 2nd Company, Kunoichi Division Captain
  10. Monkey
    hello, and i am honored to be in this clan ^^ So far all the members are awesome
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