Clan Rainstorm

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  1. katsoyori33
    Are you a girl Kiani? Or a guy? Or neither? Wait, that's not possible. DUH!!
  2. katsoyori33
    ...Oh, by the way, I am NOT Naruto... BELIEVE IT!!!!
  3. Aleister Sithis
    WOW, I LOVE it when people aren't sure of my gender (That's not sarcasm too). That honestly makes me proud. But I AM a guy. And we get to act like ninjas? Kewl. >Sneaky sneaky<
  4. ConradGuravitch103
    I join cause I know peoples here...welltwo and a half two be exact
  5. katsoyori33
    Ok. Conrad. You are 1st Company, Elite Assassin Squad leader. And Aleister. You are 1st Company Elite Assassin Squad assistant leader.
  6. Aleister Sithis
    Woot, Secretary position! Fear my coffee getting abilities...with a side of Ninjaness. Look out Dr. McNinja, here comes Ninjatery!
  7. katsoyori33
    Hahahahahahahahahhaha!!!! Hey! While your at it, why dont you get me a McNugget!
  8. Aleister Sithis
    AHEM, I am CONRADS Secretary! Plus do you kow what those will do to you. o.o
  9. Kiani Haki22
    I am a girl....HIYA protects herself.....!!!!!!!!!lol
  10. katsoyori33
    Ok Kiani. Then you are 1st Company, Kunoichi Division Special Squad leader.
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