Clan Rainstorm

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  1. wolfleaf
    hey any thing new guys, i just back from class. is any one still on here that talks?
  2. NeoDeath90
    i douibt it wolfleaf. theres no no0tification that anyone made a new post, so it should be hard to keep track
  3. cojoe5
    *yells* its too freaking quite in here someone say something.......HELLO!!!!!!
  4. PhoenixSara
    I miss the both of you so much!!!!! what you guys been upto aside from shouting from the top of you roofs you guys love me so much lols!!!! kidding aside someone might just take that seriously. hmph lmao.
  5. animegabe
    hello everyone i just joined so i hope we have great conversations in the future * jumps up out of excitement*
  6. katsoyori33
    Hey, this is your 'adorable' leader, Katso-kun. How's everything going for you all?
  7. wolfleaf
    good today because noting can go bad b/c it my b-day...time to party!!!!!
  8. PhoenixSara
    Katsoyori kun welcome back lol missed you posting here what you been upto huh?
  9. cojoe5
    Cheif don't yell at me i can't get on that much except in secret here at school so leave me alone.
  10. cojoe5
    sorry im so late wolf happy b-day i wish you a good time and a long life.
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