Clan Rainstorm

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  1. cojoe5
    hey looky here another one to help us in our struggle...let me be the first one to welcome you.
  2. Hypercat2000
    thank you for welcoming me. i will try to be a good assistance to the group.
  3. atomik_sprout
    Hey guys! How is everyone doin'? Long time, no speak! ^_^
  4. Hypercat2000
    i am doing fine, thanks for asking. how are you doing?
  5. cojoe5
    wow we finally got more active people.................wooooohoooo
  6. Hypercat2000
    i will always be active no matter what happens, unless i am grounded from the computer.
  7. katsoyori33

    I am your dear leader lol ^_^ Anndddd!!!... BE ACTIVE. Hahaha!!! So what's up everyoneee????
  8. katsoyori33
    Oh, and Im reminding everyone to be active??? -__- I should be more active too... (TWENTY STRIPES BE OWED TO ME, MATEYS!!!!)
  9. anonymous
    hey im back since im supposed to be active or somthing like that...hey hypercat
  10. katsoyori33
    Welcome back, Anon! lol (btw, just call him Chris. That's his name)
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