club inuyasha

  1. raya
    inuyasha is the best iv seen every epasod but the last one and i want to know does narroku die or what!
  2. Stormwolf
    I LOVE INUYASHA! And yes Naraku dies in the end. WEWT!
  3. tokini
    o my god i love the show inuyasha!!! its so much fun to watch!
  4. hanyougirl2010
    in the last anime ep. he doesn't die. However sometime before the manga ends, he does die. But it's WAAAAAAAY after the last anime episode.
  5. Stormwolf
    I was talking about the manga. lolz. Anime one kinda sux. No detail.
  6. Zike13
    i read the last one it wasnt that surprising they counld have had some kind of twist
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