Coolness Clique

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  1. PhoenixSara
    hello welcome post discuss and hope you like this group
  2. Sazzy
    I have to say this but FAITH RULES!!

    My friend at high school always said I looked like her, but I don't see how.
  3. PhoenixSara
    i liked her better than buffy so yeah faith rules
  4. PhoenixSara
    of course it takes a lot to be actually have to be born with it i was tempted to put a slayer's pit with all the vampirism thingy but heck this will do
  5. Renn
    Whoot!! I'm part of the group!! XD So what's up?? Also, who invited me and why?? *very confused....*
  6. PhoenixSara
    i did why you so confused i need to spell out why though>
  7. Renn
    Nyahh!! No, I'm very confused today cause it was dramatic and crazy, and I'm tired....School is evil....-.-
  8. cojoe5
    ah sorry it took me so long to post but i was how is everyone?
  9. hellknight
    watup people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh man I'm hyped up on RockStars!!!!! LOL
  10. PhoenixSara
    we are all rock stars here!!!!!! and i did miss every one lol WEEEEE
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