The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    Oh yeah, state your name as well. Forgot to add. >.< Nya. =3
  2. Blair13
    I am the head of the Daemon Clan, Blair.

    Abilities: Can manipulate ghosts, the element of spirit ice, and has the common ability of a Daemon. (Super speed, inhuman strenght, need for blood but not so often as Vampyres, and the ability to draw forth unnatural energy as an Elemental Familiar but cannot completely control. Only weakness is the Heart....)

    Personality: Withdrawn, quiet, mysterious...

    Weapons: Double-chained scythe staffs.

    Race: Unkown (Part Daemon)
  3. Blair13
    Send me a message if you should want to be the head of the Vampyre Clan, give me a list of your abilities, personality, weapon(s), and Race. Also give me a reason why you wish to head the formidable clan of Vampyres. Be thorough.
  4. CBtay01
    um ok here it goes
    name Charleese
    abilities can telaport & levatate can use psycoceniesis and has almost no emotions

    history does not her own history all she knows is not to trust anyone

    personalityhas almost no emotions due to her best friend betraying her

    weapons tends to use own hands or what's around but carries a bag of small varied hand held weaponds
  5. Blair13
    Welcome Charleese, in which place do you fall in Gaea?
  6. Blair13
    The side of the Daemon underneath my rule? The side of the Vampyre, follower or ruler? Or one who should wander the lands of Gaea, unruled by anypower?
  7. CBtay01
    Te side of the Vampyre. maybe follower?IDK make your pic
  8. Blair13
    A follower then shall you fall. The clan of the Vampyre though still needs a leader, so for now, you act as an independent individual. May fate be on your side and live well.
  9. Sneakyarrow
    Name: Drune

    Personality: Quiet and withdrawn. Likes the occasional fight.

    Race: Vampire

    Abilities: Super-human strength, super speed, wall climbing, the ability to control multiple amounts of small mammals, blood lust, enhanced vision/hearing. He has the ability to rage, becoming even stronger and faster then ever, however, when he leave the rage he NEEDS blood.

    Weapons: Gloves with blades attached to them, although, when he rages, he grows his own claws, and has no need for the gloves.
  10. Blair13
    Welcome Drune, in which place do you fall into Gaea?
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