The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. Blair13
    I'm only making the fight fair, besides, I'm bored. *Sits in floating chair. Eyes glow ever so dimly.*
  2. CBtay01
    thanks blair but i can do this* eyes go dim concentrates picks up a huge boulder and slams it a t the ground, hits you hard and throws you back* beat that damn you!!
  3. Hypercat2000
    Fine, i will!!!!!! *Turns into a shadow beast, picks up a 500 ton semi, throws it at you, then, fires a darkness blast at you*
  4. CBtay01
    *lols doging but close* *comes stright at you and lands on you putting up a scicocenisis sheild so you cant get a way starts wailing one you hard*take this damn you!!!!
  5. Hypercat2000
    GET OFF OF MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *Throws you off with intense force, disappears then reappears on a cliff* I am the master of stealth and teleportation.
  6. Blair13
    I disappear, "I suppose I should feed..." Flys off into the distance.
  7. CBtay01
    *shakes self off* lol thats the most fun i have had lol we should do it again *jumps into the air and then disapears*
  8. Hypercat2000
    No way, if you want to though, you have to catch me first. *smiles and then dashes off at light speed into the distance*
  9. CBtay01
    *ground in the castle * ah well la cikoto desisto*goes ointo trans sees you *does an enchantment* you wont be happy for long lakoto dosu kete losaco *eyes go white* now
    Oh pittiful Shadow lost in the darkness, bringing pain and torment to others wallopwing in your sin....Perhaps it is time too die ^_^ *your own darkness surges up to comsume you * youi can not get away surender yourself to the darkness!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!!!!!11
  10. Hypercat2000
    Bring it on,bring it on!!!! *dashes into the nearby forest*
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