The Daemon Clan- The Clan of Vampyres- Wanderers (RP)

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  1. CBtay01
    lols i should get me one of those ... so i realized i love LOVE LOVE the full moon
  2. CBtay01
    oh yeah i win oh yeah i win i am awesome ... ok gloating over
  3. Blair13
    "Lol, ok." Tosses you a dumbapple, "Try one." Takes another bite of my apple.
  4. CBtay01
    * takes a bite * omg these are really good lol not as good as people tho
  5. Blair13
    "Lol, I understand. I have a weird sense of taste," finishes dumbapple and jumps down from tree and stretches. f"There is hardly any activity, lol, I think your battle with Shadow chased everyone away."
  6. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    Race:Pure blood Vampire
    Personality:i keep to mysel and have a sharp tongue
    Weapons:two hand gun and my body
    Abilites:to control lower vampire's and powers unknown to my self
    intro:greetings to you all i am new here and to this group
  7. Blair13
    Hello, XxBeautyandDeathxX, welcome to Gaea. Are you for the clan of Daemons or the clan of Vampyres, or are you that of a wanderer? I am the Ruler of the Daemon Clan, you can call me Blair.
  8. CBtay01
    oh sorry i was gone hello i am Charleese Ruler of the Vampires welcome
  9. Blair13
    "It has been a day or two...." Stretches, "Oh well." Walks over to a random person and snaps head to drink blood. Once done, I drop the body and grab a dumbapple. Takes a bite, "I'll never get tired of these."
  10. CBtay01
    LOl long time no see Blair *bows to Blair* so any thing new while i was gone oh and it looks as tho people are afraid to come to us-_-
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